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N E W S L E T T E R   #1
November 2015
The Entropy of Radiation project is Up

The project started successfully in November 2015, including website, forum, blog and newsletter.

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Collaboration team
Check it our in the main page. Top international scientists working on the entropy of radiation.
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Language support
English language will be used as default, but other languages can be included read more  
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  There will be a section for short interviews and guest lectures in a particular subject concerning the entropy of radiation, included in the monthly newsletter. read more  
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The Entropy of Radiation project is Up

Welcome to the Entropy of Radiation project. This first newsletter serves as kick-off for the launching of the website, so let me introduce to the current capabilities enabled in the site. The website has been designed as an educational project, with the main idea to provide a contact point for the people interested in the topic.
        It has been programmed using HTML-5 fully responsive language, which basically means that it can be seen nicely from any device. I have included LaTeX support to make it easy to include equations, and it includes a printable layout, i.e., if you want to print the website, it will generate a nice book-style pdf. Also, it is possible to upload interactive charts, you will see an example of it soon under the "History" section.
        In the "Resources" section you will find source codes under creative commons license. I am uploading FORTRAN source codes but I will add other languages soon. If you have any code that want to share, let me know to upload it here.
        A Forum and a Blog are also available. If you want to write something in the Blog, let me know and I will be more than happy to create you a user to do so.
        I want to clarify that this website is currently maintained without any kind of advertisement, and nobody is making profit with it. I have the intention to maintain it in this way for several years and include material that could help in teaching and research.

Collaboration team

As you can see, there is a list of "collaborators" in the main page. Those names are there to show that real scientist are interested in the entropy of radiation, and that this is not an anonymous attempt to ramble on about the topic. Please, if you do not want your name on the list, let me know and it will be removed.
As collaborator, you can contribute as much as you want. If you want to include some text/demonstrations/references, let me know and it will be done, or if you prefer just to be updated with the information, it is fine as well.


The content in the website will be uploaded in English. As it is not my mother tongue, please, feel free to correct any mistakes you see. Also, if you are willing to translate the website to your native language, I will provide you the texts and prepare the layout for it.

Interviews and Lectures

As "entropy of radiation" is a wide topic and I think that specific lectures can be useful, talking about its role in the atmosphere, its relation with thermodynamic limits or its implications in biology for example. If I do not find anybody interested in this I will remove it from the website, but I think this might be a good way to show your research to the public. | Alfonso Delgado-Bonal | Tel: (0034)625668237 |